"NOW Is The Time to Train, Encourage and Equip Our New Real Estate Agents"
By Tina M. Keene, Realtor- MRP, PSA, ABR, SRS, SRES, ePRO~ Exit Realty Expertise, King George Virginia


Fellow Realtors, Have really you taken the time to "Stop and think" if you will still have a job within the Real Estate Industry in 5 or 10 more years?
Maybe not, because most of us are very busy and maybe some of the wonderful Realtors I know and respect will be Retiring within that time frame and that's a wonderful thing!
I have been associated now in the "Wonderful World of Real Estate" a few years now and I still find it as challenging as the day I worked for and earned my License..
I am a "Visual" person that came from a very "Visual" industry before becoming a Real Estate Agent, the field of Cosmetology that I am still VERY proud to have been associated with for 43 years and the gift of "Strong Attention To Detail" will always be ingrained in my spirit.
The moment I came into the Real Estate Industry, I noticed the information that contains all our Clients Listing information in every MLS System was given over to a few major online marketing companies that if we weren't or couldn't afford to be associated, they controlled about half of our Business and that in itself took away about half of our jobs and most of our Clients don't contact us until after they have visited these popular sites.
I was in our Living room the other night watching TV with my Husband when I saw a TV Ad whereas you can actually PURCHASE a Car totally online now, eliminating the ENTIRE Sales process and the very thing I mentioned to my Husband was.... "I am now seeing what will happen in the Real Estate industry if WE are not careful"
Don't even think for one second that Consumers WON'T choose the option of the whole Home Buying and Selling Process done entirely Online.
With Technology advancing, the real loss to mankind is in the "Tangibility" factor.
Technology is very important but NEVER designed to replace Human Beings.
When I worked in the Hair Styling Industry, my former Employer will more than likely attest that I never made "Millions" but I made people happy, and what I DID have was CLIENT RETENTION, and where I worked was in a very transient area where folks moved in and out of the area all the time.
Ok, so this comes to my point in all of this.....
Technology is here to stay,and we cannot prevent Technology from advancing, it was designed for a purpose and in itself a very valuable tool.
What is necessary for all Associated in the Real Estate Business is to continue to give REASON for our consumers to continue to choose us as their professional source of Buying and Selling a Home instead of going to popular sites and choosing professionals that they, frankly speaking do not know.
This is called "Word of Mouth" Advertising, and it takes TIME as nothing in Real Estate that is really worthy in the end happens overnight.
This concept alone carries more Weight, Tangibility and Results" than anything else professional Realtors can continue to do.
"The Best Defense Is Always A

Good Offense".
With the Spring Market getting very busy, its time to get back to basics and ESSENTIAL at this time to continue to welcome new Agents in our Field.
Yes, we are ALL busy, but allow me conclude with this thought as taking time to encourage, and equip new Agents to become successful to be BEST choice for our consumers and solution for all of us.......
When an Agent Invests time with a new Agent, the are in essence giving "Insurance" to their own Business.
So now, Where will you be as a Real Estate Agent in 10 years???

🏡Special thanks to Loan Officer Donald Rosier from Movement Mortgage for the inspiration in regard to this Blog Post🏡